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Welcome to the new site for Ashihara Karate sweden. Besides information about Ashihara Karate this site consentrates around the Swedish Karate Dojos. Here you will find basic information such as how to get in touch with us. For more orientation about how we study and practise Ashihara karate here in the cold north, you may visit our media archive contating pictures and films.

"Martial arts is as much hard work as it is understanding and total control of ones capabileties. To build strenght and use it witch force is a simple thing, but to completley master all the knowledge and understanding within the martial arts is something else entirely. The heart of it all is not only understanding of the tecnicues, but to make them a part of oneself and by doing so melding the spirit of martial arts with your own heart. That is the truth, strenght and endurance is good. But pure martial arts, the fighting spirit comes from ones heart."

Swedish martial arts philosophy

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Att this section you can find pictures, movieclips, artwork and other media content related to Ashihara karate in sweden

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