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If you head a dojo or plan to open one, and wish to practise Ashihara Karate and to offer teaching legitimately, you must apply to have a contract with Honbu in Japan.

On accepting you as a branch chief, Honbu provides your branch with

  • A branch certificate; the legitimate proof of rights to operate a NIKO dojo together with the contract.

  • Always direct contact with Honbu in Japan.

  • Technical information on how to practise the style.

  • Support, information and advice to operate a dojo.

  • Access to train at Honbu for you and your students.

  • Access to international events of NIKO.

  • Legal rights to make use of the name and logo of Ashihara.

  • Legal rights to issue kyu certificates of Honbu.

  • Legal rights to recommend dan certificates, issued by Honbu.

If you care that your students practise Ashihara Karate in a legal way, please apply to Honbu for membership

Kancho Hidenori Ashihara
360-1, Sanban-Cho, 8Chome
Matsuyama City, Ehime-pref, 790-003
Tel: 81-89-933-4600
Fax: + 81 899 33 8668

If you hade any questions about Ashihara karate, our activities, branches or anything else. Do not hesitate to contact us. It's easy, just fill out the form below!

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